The Periodic Table Cake - Christmas, Year 12


This was the cake that paved the slightly disturbing way for all the others...It started off innocently enough with the idea of making a cake in the shape of the Periodic Table (they're always sooooo much easier in theory...), then we decided to bring it into our last lessonof term, for no better reason than to confirm everyone's suspicions of us as bona-fide fruit-loops.  The Periodic Table Cake was quite an operation and required colossal amounts of misapplication (most of our Private Study time was devoted to its planning) not to mention truancy (we bunked off Sport and Rec to bake the cake, the spent literally all evening in the sculpting/decorating phase).  Still, it was all in a good cause, and although we failed to make it clear that we hadn't really made it with the ultimate goal of its consumption in mind (there's all manner of inedible gunk thrown in there usually - Hydrogen and Helium were suspended on cocktail sticks) bits of it got eaten so we didn't say anything about what had gone into it.  It is, if nothing else (and to be fair, there's not much else you can say about it) accurate - well, all the elements are in the right places, what more do you want?! - and we think it made a few people smile (and a few people sick, probably).