Because even when a job isn’t worth doing, there’s always someone who makes it worth trying to do well.  Unfortunately I failed miserably, but here they all are.


Biology Karaoke
...with the aid of which I finally got that coursework done...

Dr Chordate Sings
All sorts of Science songs at this one.  Whoo!

Chem 212 Songs
Organic synthesis songs which I, ahem, ought to understand

Songs of Caesium
Yes, someone who's even sadder than I am

Chemistry - the Songs of Our Lives
More Organic-type things

Greg's Science Song Lyrics
All manner of scientific songs from Mr Gregorio del Laboratorio and rather splendid they are too

…and some random science humour…

Laboratory of Laughter
Funny things about Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Organic Chemistry Dramas
Shakespeare really should have got into carbon Chemistry...


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