The Metabolism of Glucose Cake - Easter, Year 13

This one really wasn’t easy, but was, for just a minute, verging on being educational. Glycolysis is a Swiss roll propped up with a ruler, the link reaction - which is conveniently covering up the worst crack in the icing on glycolysis - is a bit sawn off the electron transport chain, the Krebs cycle is half a cake with the middle removed (the other half is holding glycolysis up), and the electron transport chain is very burnt because we forgot it was in the oven. NADH and FADH2, and their oxidised forms, are represented by marshmallows; coenzyme A, carbon dioxide, water and ATP/ADP are all Dolly Mixtures, and once again it was so full of cocktail sticks as to be positively hazardous, not to mention the garden wire we used to link all the stages together.  The little silver balls were used to represent the carbons but the idea fell flat when they kept falling off; by the time we'd stood the thing up glucose had four and oxaloacetate was struggling with one.  I meant to put all the intermedates in glycolysis on there but didn't have room - as it is you can't even see Pyruvate, and I haven't got a clue what's going on with the link reaction - however, I don't think anything's an absolute and outright lie, and there were even 34 ATPs in the ATP bucket till they got eaten/lost in transit/fell on the floor.  We like to think of this one as a triumph of ready-to-roll icing over gravity, or at least it was until glycolysis fell over.