Welcome to Musical Chemistry,

a frankly bizarre collection of songs whose lyrics I have re-written so as to make them contextually, if not socially, acceptable to sing in a Chemistry Lab.

You know, as one does.

"Theeeere's antimony, arsenic, aluminum, selenium..."
"Theeeere's antimony, arsenic, aluminum, selenium..."



Click on the categories on the left to find all the songs from that area of Chemistry.  There is a video courtesy of YouTube to accompany each song - click on it and sing along.  What larks! 

Have fun - the sort of geeky, nerdy fun to which visitors to this site are usually accustomed - and let me know what you think via the Guestbook or the Contact page.  As long as it's nice, obviously.


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(I don't like to go on about this more than two or three times a day, but Musical Chemistry did get mentioned in New Scientist once.  No, really.  O frabjous day...)